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You think it. We make it!

We design & manufacture your product from conception to completion in the USA using the Clothier 4 Step Process.

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The Clothier 4 step process below describes everything it takes to get your clothing line produced.

Note not all steps are required we can help you with only the services you need.



Apparel Academy


SATURDAY, November 9th

Take 5 classes in one day on how to be the best new apparel entrepreneur. Take a tour of our NEW clothing factory, network and start formulating your plan to get your clothing line made

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Do you have an idea that you want to get from paper to production? Wonderful! We are your team to get the job done. No project is too complex, we excel when it comes to complexity. Our strengths are highlighted in functional apparel, including athletic, wearable electronics, medical, soft goods, outdoor and often children's wear. Our dedication to perfection guarantees your product is of the best quality.


  •  We design and manufacture your product from conception to completion
  • Expert designers and manufacturers
  • We find your fabrics
  • Made by hand in the USA
  • Low waste manufacturing
  • Can handle any size project
  • Low minimum orders


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