Need help sourcing fabrics and trims?

Over 2000 swatches and over 200 fabric mills at our finger tips

We have a team dedicated to find the perfect fabric or trim for your product. We will show you multiple options that will bring your product to the next level.  At CDS we have built relationships with suppliers all over the world and will present you with fabrics and trims that you could never find at a fabric store.  With this service we discuss your needs and provide you with the materials that are only from wholesale suppliers or mill direct. It is important to us to provide you fabrics that offer continuous supply so you have continuity for your product and re-orders. 

Fabric is generally sourced in 3 different ways, which we have broken out into tiers.  Each fabric tier has pros and cons. We will work with you to help you determine which tier is the best option for your production needs.

Here is a little more information on the different types of fabric tiers we offer.  

3 Types of Fabric Tiers

Tier 1- Stock Fabric

Fabric that is sitting on a mills shelf waiting to be bought in small or large quantities


Tier 2- Made to Order

Fabric that has already been developed but has larger minimum order requirements


Tier 3- Developed to order

The sky is the limit.  Totally custom, doesn’t already exist in the market

Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Fabric SelectionLimitedBroadLimitless
Minimum Order Quanitity0-11 yds800-1000 yds3000 yds and Up
Sourcing Fee Cost Per Fabric$$$$$$$$$$
Fabric Availability GuaranteedNoYesYes
Sourcing Timeline1-2 weeks6-10 weeks6-12 months
Order Timeline2-12 weeks6-18 weeks12-20 weeks


WHY we offer this service?

We offer sourcing because we understand the industry lingo and how to deal with fabric vendors.  We also think prototyping in your final fabric is the best way to reach the final product sooner.