we can help manage your current suppliers or we can be your usa supplier.


  • Speed to market – “My current supplier takes months to deliver my production”

  • Fit & Sizing Issues - “My current products have inconsistent fit and sizing.”

  • Small batch production – “My current factory has large MOQ’s, so I’m left with too much inventory”

  • Supply chain transparency - “I am not satisfied with the conditions or how ethically my clothing is being made.”

  • Environmental Impact – “I want my brand to be environmentally conscious, but I’m shipping large containers and have a lot of wasted fabric/inventory”

  • Spread too thin - “Between fabric vendors and service providers, I am managing several vendors. I don’t have time to design, sell or market my product.”


  • Speed to market – We’re able to react quickly to all of your needs to produce new styles and replenish inventory on demand.

  • Fit & Sizing Issues - Our team of technical experts establish rules for consistent future fit. We will also correct fit and reduce returns for current items.

  • Small batch production – helps with forecasting & reduced, on-demand inventory.

  • Supply chain transparency – We love to give guest tours of our factory! We meet and exceed all USA labor standards for pay and working conditions.

  • Environmental Impact - Reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating the need to ship containers full of inventory from overseas to the United States and reduce waste from excess inventory.

  • Spread too thin - Our team is your team. You will be assigned a design manager who will manage our internal team of fabric sourcing, tech design, print making, pattern making and prototype sewing.


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