Clothier Design Source offers a service that can eliminate the first cut and sew steps with virtual prototyping. More than a drawing, virtual rendering uses your digital pattern files to simulate fabric drape and fit of a sewn garment. 

3D virtual prototyping offers:

  • 3D rendering uses the actual pattern and model measurements

  • Provides true fit and style simulation

  • Fast turn-around time. No need to wait for fabrics and trims to arrive.

  • Allows client to quickly make changes to the style

  • Gives you opportunity to try out different textures, colors and prints

  • Great tool to use for marketing and selling on websites

  • Use 3D rendering for crowd funding project to evaluate interest before investing in full development

  • Preview your styles in multiple colorways and/or prints before actually being made


WHY we offer this service?  

So you can start selling and market testing your idea before it is finalized. Also to correct early fit or styling issues before actually cutting out of cloth.