Come Tour Our Facility.      

Take Apparel Industry 101 Lesson.    

Receive One-on-One Consult. 

$500 per brand (multiple people can attend) 

  • Attend a personalized lesson on an introduction to the apparel industry and how to prepare to become part of it. 
  • Learn more in depth about The Clothier 4 Step Apparel Process. 
  • Tour our small, but complex facility. 8,000 square feet of full development processes and manufacturing processes. 
  • 35+ Employees to see and learn what is happening in each stage of development to manufacturing.
  • Understanding your options of where to manufacture
  • Understanding price point options of quantities and location
  • Understanding potential issues with your design or product
  • Guidance on product concepts if viable
  • Provide general timeline for development and manufacturing your product
  • Guidance on sequence of products to launch 
  • Guidance on sequence of development steps and manufacturing steps
  • Guidance on services you need based on end goals 
  • Guidance on most cost effective approach