Clothing label development should start early in the process.

Watch as Factory45 Interviews President of Clothier Design Source about making labels for your brand. 

Labels are an essential component to the brand and marketing of garments. They communicate to consumers the brand name, garment size, country of manufacture, care and content information. Many garments are legally required to be labeled with specific information. We help ensure all labels comply with the law. The design is a piece in the development process that should start early on. If you do not already have your own brand, care, size and country of origin labels, we are happy to develop these for you.


With our label design service we:

  • Sketch options of different label combinations and type for your brand

  • Provide you options for how it could be made

  • Make sure your final selections are ready for label manufacturing

  • Source and order labels for you


WHY we offer this service?

Because all too many times our clients have reached the manufacturing stage only to be held up because their labels are not ready. Most labels have to be applied during the manufacturing process therefore manufacturing cannot start until the labels are ready.