• Typically the first pattern is developed in one size and is graded up and down to your size standards.

  • We can follow your existing grade rules or establish them for you by guiding you through making a body size chart for your brand.
  • Would you like to DIY? We have some grade rules for sale in our Learn How section

Watch as Factory45 interviews President of Clothier Design Source. In this snippet they discuss the ins and outs of size grading.

With our grading service we:

  • Grade all patterns using Optitex digital software 
  • Work with you to make revisions to improve patterns
  • Grade sizes to your specifications OR make recommendations
  • Can develop a size chart specific to your brand
  • Ensure patterns are production ready

WHY do you need a size chart?

A size chart lists the body measurements that each garment size is patterned to. It lets your customers know which size will fit them.  

Size Chart Example
Graded pattern

WHY we offer this service?  

Because unfortunately, as you may have noticed, there are no real rules for sizing. One brand’s medium may fit completely different than the next brand’s medium. We want to be sure YOUR medium fits YOUR brand's vision and target market.