Blush Life Apparel - The Pretty Mastectomy Bra

Andrea Farrell with Blush Bra

Our team at Clothier Design Source is proud to bring all types products to life. We develop and manufacture many kinds of sewn goods from athletic to baby. Medical garments are a specialty of ours that we are passionate about. When we can help improve the engineering of the garment function and especially when we can influence the aesthetic design, we have a perfect match. As October is breast cancer awareness month, we would like to introduce you to Blush Life Apparel mastectomy bras.

 Meet Andrea Farrell, a mother and former NFL cheerleader that was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 36. After undergoing a double mastectomy, “I found a need, a need for a bra that could work with my new body from start to finish.  I had tubes coming out of my sides but my outer shell was left intact which left me needing a specific garment. I found most bras to be uncomfortable, not practical and unattractive.” 

Andrea Farrell with Blush Bra

Andrea Farrell with Blush Bra

Andrea set out and created Blush Life Apparel with the mission to develop an attractive post-operative bra with healing properties. She came to CDS with rough ideas, a bunch of market samples and a very special fabric – SeaCell®. Not only do the bras feature design elements for treatment – center front zippers for easy on and off, side slits for drain tubes, bra cup inserts for modesty and adjustability – but the fabric itself has healing properties. Made of a seaweed fiber, “the structure of SeaCell® facilitates the active exchange of substances between the fiber and the skin – nutrients such as calcium, magnesium and vitamin E are released by the natural body moisture when the fiber is worn.” The double knit fabric is buttery soft and very soothing to wear.

The Blush bras (with straps and strapless styles) followed The 4 Steps ™ to apparel development with CDS. Working with Andrea, we worked through Design - created design boards (technical line drawings) to finalize the concept before starting the pattern, finalized trims and fabric placement. Prototypes – multiple rounds of cut/sewn bras to perfect the specific fit, function and construction. Technical Design – the official blueprint of the design where all work to develop the post-op bras is documented. The final step was manufacturing. We just finished the 2nd round of manufacturing hundreds of units of the Blush bras! Congratulations to Andrea and Blush Life Apparel on the success of the brand and most importantly to her good health. We wish you continued growth and are very pleased to help bring these noteworthy products to life. 

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