Attend the Clothier Academy One Day Event

Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to help you build theirs

Take 6 classes in one day on how to be the best new apparel entrepreneur.

Take a tour of our clothing factory, network and start formulating your plan to get your clothing line made.

Join us Saturday, September 16th

The Clothier 4 Step Academy is a day full of classes dedicated to arming Apparel Entrepreneurs with the knowledge they’ll need to navigate the clothing industry. This series will prepare participants for the apparel manufacturing process to help guarantee the outcome of successful products.

You will learn:

  • The design process and how to make good decisions on construction and fabric
  • The prototype/sampling process and how to find the right factory partner and how to evaluate your prototypes
  • The tech pack/ Spec sheet process and how to read them/create them for your product(s)
  • The manufacturing process and learn behind the scenes details. 
  • Tour our factory and development headquarters.

Also included:

  • Lunch
  • Networking time
  • Q&A Time
  • Factory & Development Tour 
  • Class Materials including copies of the presentations, templates for tech packs, fabric source lists and more! (more details below) 

The schedule will run as follows:



+Intro to the apparel industry, learn what you can do to prepare for development


CLASS TWO: Step 1 Design

+Find out everything you need for Step 1; review designs, fabrics, & trims. Learn how to make the best choices for your line.


CLASS THREE: Step 2 Prototype

+Learn how to critically review prototypes, give constructive feedback, test garment for fit & wash, as well as explore printing options.

12:30-1:00 Lunch & Networking

+Food provided by CDS

1:00-1:30 Tour of Facility

+Get a behind the scenes view & insider info of the manufacturing process.


CLASS FOUR: Preparing for Manufacturing

+Prepping for production with guidance on label options, sizes & colors to offer.


CLASS FIVE: Step 3 Tech Design

+Explore tech packs and how to use them; go over our templates. Become familiar with filling out purchase orders.


CLASS SIX: Step 4 Manufacturing

+Discover what to expect during this process; how does manufacturing work? How does quality control work?

Take-home materials will include:

  • an Apparel Industry Vendor Sourcing list (including over 200 vendors)
  • a Manufacturing Guide Booklet
  • Tech-pack Templates
  • plus presentations from each class

Read more on our website & register there by following >>this link<< then clicking the orange button on the left.

We can’t wait to see everyone on 9/16!

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