Apparel Design in the 21st Century: How 3-D Prototyping and Digitizing Save Costs By Reducing Labor

Just like in other industries, technology has had its effects on apparel design & manufacturing, which have led to advancements in the production process, such as 3-D Prototyping and Digitizing. Yesterday, we hosted a webinar on this topic to discuss the efficiency and cost-saving benefits of this technical transition. Don’t worry, we’ll recap the main points in this post in case you missed it!

One of the most efficient elements of this advanced era is that labor costs have been brought way down with the assistance of CADD in creating sketches and making patterns. CADD is computer-aided design and drafting. It’s moving the apparel industry from hand-drawing, cutting, and sewing, to digitally crafting a copy first, for precision and quality assurance. Digitizing also enables the existence of an easily transferrable file, to be used and shared digitally.

All of this brings about 3-D Virtual Prototyping, which is a fit session on custom-made avatars via the web. There are many advantages of 3-D Prototyping a few of which are:

-It allows for fixing patterns before cutting and sewing

-You can visually try out custom color choices

-Ability to sell or market on website with 3-D samples, for consumer product testing

We also made our first announcement of this fall’s Clothier 4 Step Academy, to be held September 16th from 9-4. We’re thrilled to be hosting a day full of education, advice, and networking, along with a factory tour.

Register now through THIS Eventbrite link to secure your spot, there will be more information to follow.

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