Free Consultation For Your Brand: Preparation Tips To Optimize This Offer

At Clothier Design Source, we are an invested partner in guiding you through the steps of development and giving you options in order to reach your goals for your clothing line. We believe in this process so strongly that we offer a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation between you and President of Clothier Design Source, Mindy Martell. Mindy has worked with thousands of lines so she has a vast breadth of experience to draw on in order to address your brand's unique priorities.

 Here are some consideration points in order to maximize your consultation:

-What type of clothing line are you looking to produce?

-How many products in total are you thinking of making?

-How far along are you in the process of having samples made?

-Do you have drawings or patterns?

-Do you have any idea of size range you want to offer?

-Where are you in the production and manufacturing process?

-Do you have any other questions or roadblocks you are currently experiencing that we can help with?

It's best to come prepared so we can optimize our time in this brief call. For example, if you can let us know that the clothing line you want to start is a swimsuit line with 3 tops, 3 bottoms and 2 cover-ups, it will help us navigate your product development conversation much more fluidly.

We are a vested partner for you when it comes to your manufacturing. Keep in mind, we are not a marketing company---we’re here to help you develop your line. To help jumpstart your line, you’ll receive a written plan with recommended next steps after our consultation.

We’re looking forward to talking with you!

How we can help!

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