Webinar Recap: Fabric Sourcing

Thank you to everyone who joined our webinar on June 13th as we dove into a prevalent part of creating a clothing line, fabric sourcing. In case you missed it, we’ll have the video uploaded to our YouTube channel very soon--be sure and subscribe! For now here’s a quick recap of the content that was covered; from how to do your own research, to must-know vocabulary when speaking with vendors.

 The best place to start is with an overview of basic knowledge. In this case we broke down how to determine the difference between woven and knit materials; including what that looks and feels like. We discussed that, in most cases, woven fabrics are taut-or will not stretch-and knits will stretch to varying degrees. The exception of this being denim, which is woven with more stretch now than in the past. You may recall that visually woven materials have that up and down threading appearance (like a basket weave), and knits are comprised of a long series of loops. Dressier garments and outerwear are generally made from woven fabrics. Casual clothing and loungewear are usually knits.

 Next, we’ve broken down sourcing into 3 tiers: Stock, Made to Order, and Develop to Order.

Tier 1: Stock-this is simply when fabric is sourced from what is in-stock or supply right now with vendors. Typically lowest minimum order quantity (MOQ) required.

Tier 2: Made to Order-this is when fabric is sourced from what exists among vendors but may not currently be stocked. They have the ability to produce it again for a particular purchase order, however typically requiring a higher MOQ.

Tier 3: Develop to Order-this is the most exciting scenario because if you can dream it, we can help make it! Whether you’ve struck out with conventional sourcing methods or your product is an innovative idea, it is possible to create a customized fabric for your unique needs. This option also comes with the highest MOQ.

It’s important to understand that fabric vendors are there to sell you the fabrics they have, rather than educate you on the fabrics you need. The more informed you are, the better you’ll be able to communicate, and the happier you will be with your garments. This webinar was intended to help empower you with some of the tools needed to navigate this part of the apparel industry. One key point that we cannot state enough is to really know a good fabric when you’re wearing one. Your own wardrobe can be one of your best weapons when sourcing, so go to it first! As we stressed during the webinar, do not be afraid of cutting items of clothing into swatches and sending them to vendors. It’s a very effective way to tangibly communicate to them exactly what you like about that piece.

We want to remind you that Clothier Design Source is here to help you take your clothing line to the next level. We have over 2000 fabric swatches in stock and work with at least 200 vendors nationwide. Let us source your fabric for you!

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Thank you all for your involvement with this webinar! Your enthusiastic engagement during the Q&A time was great. We’re so glad to be able to provide sound advice. Stay tuned for the video link follow-up and we look forward to next time.

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