USA vs. Overseas

Depending on various factors in your business, overseas development versus USA-development can be advantageous. If having visibility throughout the entire supply chain process is important to you, to your brand, your marketing strategy, and to your target consumer, then making your clothes in the USA will likely be your preferred route. We will take a closer look at the overseas development process, answering some commonly posed questions, to help foster a greater understanding of which avenue, USA vs Overseas, is a better fit for your brand.

At our most recent Clothier Design Source roundtable, we discuss the pros and cons of manufacturing in the USA versus Overseas.

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To Review, here are some reasons why you would want to make overseas:

1)   Labor costs overseas can be lower, while still ethical & fair.
2)  High volume orders mean more cost-effective shipping options.

Some common issues you’ll likely run into if you decide to manufacture overseas:

1)    Longer timelines
2)   Communication delays
3)   Cultural barriers can lead to misunderstandings in product development
3)   Less room for innovation because fewer steps are better with overseas manufacturing
4)   Hidden costs include shipping, tariffs and duties

If you’re a low-cost, high-volume brand, then you may be a candidate for making your clothes overseas. On the contrary, here are the advantages of developing domestically in the USA:

1)   Easier communication
2)   Shorter timelines
3)   Supply chain visibility
4)   Smaller minimum order quantities
5)   Better quality innovation and collaboration

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