Innovation vs. Commodity Apparel

When you're choosing to develop your clothing brand overseas versus in the United States, think about what kind of product you're making. Is it a commodity product? For example, a commodity product would be a standard T-shirt with a screen print highlighting a brand slogan or logo. This is an example of commodity garment that is already prominent within the market place and developing that product overseas could be a better fit for you. Why? Because many factories are already making those standard T-shirts at high volumes and therefore, those overseas factories could drive the cost down. 

At Clothing Design Source, we are focused on specialized garments; garments that are different and much more innovative than your standard T-shirt. We source fabrics to highlight garment functionality, utilize the latest technology in manufacturing and most importantly,  we work closely with you and partner with you every step of the way. 

Check out our video HERE to follow the conversation on comedy apparel versus innovation. 

One great thing we've noticed lately within the market is the availability of good quality blank goods made in the United States. If you want your brand to be made in the United States, you can purchase those blank goods from U.S. based companies-- the cost will be slightly higher compared to those overseas factories, but, your innovation and manufacturing quality will likely produce a finished good more closely aligned to your clothing brand goals.

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