Your Relationship With Your Clothing Factory

The success of a product once it hits market has several factors involved on the manufacturing side. One of these variables is the level of involvement of the factory you work with. However, all factories are going to rely on you as the business owner to test and approve the prototype of your samples for your brand. With that, it’s important to know and understand your market, have a strong awareness of your goals, and what elements your product needs to retain in order to achieve those goals.

At Clothier Design Source, we are actively involved in walking you through the manufacturing and development process, we work to understand your brand as your clothing line grows. We’ll offer education for you on how to test your prototype, as it undergoes the development process to ensure you’re ready for manufacturing. No product is an island, it’s important that we always keep in mind your brand goals. We’ll be by your side the whole way, but in the end the final product is your dream and thus your final decision. We are here to support you and to provide with you with guidance through the entire process! We've been manufacturing for over a decade, use us as your resource to ensure your products are exactly how you want them.

In summary, ensure that you have a solid prototype to reflect your manufacturing goals. More importantly, trust your branding and ensure it best highlights the final, approved prototype.

President of Clothier Design Source, Mindy Martell explains in more detail in the quick, 2-minute video below. Check it out!

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