Beyond thinking about how much we’re buying, what it’s made of, and where it came from, we have to consider who made our clothes. What were their wages and working conditions of the people, and are they of a standard you feel comfortable with?

1 of every 6 people work in the garment industry, which means that there are approximately 1 billion people employed by the garment industry. That includes everyone from the farmers that grow the fibers, to the mills that weave the fabric, to the factories that cut and sew the garments to the shipping industry which moves the garments around the world then finally to the stores and the employees of those stores that sell the garments to consumers. It’s a massive supply chain!

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Clothing is too inexpensive and if we considered paying 10 cents more for a garment for each division of that supply chain, the world would be a much better place. You’d be paying for higher technology using less water for cotton processing; thus resulting in a more sustainable earth and environmental best practices.

That extra 10 cents could help the farmers in India and all around the world who grow the cotton get out of debt after investing in the seeds they use to grow the cotton and over begin to experience a better quality of life. That extra 10 cents along the way could truly result in the world being a different place.

When you buy 100% USA, you can more easily follow that supply chain. In The US, we have environmental protections and human rights protection laws in place which help keep that supply chain honest. Certainly, there are always improvements to these laws that should continue to be considered, however, you can feel better that everyone, even down to the farmers, are compensated fairly.

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