How To Combat Fast Fashion

Less is more and quality over quantity are two important factors in the fight against fast fashion. Other really impactful elements are the classic concepts of Recycle, Reduce, Reuse.

Fashion Revolution is a movement motivated by addressing the flawed status quo that clothing should be made at the lowest cost possible and in the quickest time, and that the resulting over-consumerism isn’t actually a thing. However, it is, and the planet pays the highest price.

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We encourage you to give this practice a try; start to buy less. Buy higher quality garments that will retain their value even if you change sizes or if your style tastes shift. Also, keep an eye out for a natural fiber in the fabrics. Because if, one day, that garment ends up in a landfill, those fibers will naturally degrade. The problem with cheap clothing is that the fibers are made with polyester and oil based materials; which will never degrade if those clothes end up in a landfill.

If we’re all a little mindful of our purchases, together we can start making an impact today!. Its so easy! The next time you buy a piece of clothing, really think about how often are you going to wear it, how often will it last in terms of quality and style and what are the fibers made of. Where did it come from, how long will last and what is going to happen to the garment when you’re done with it. Together, we can start to combat fast fashion!

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