How Pattern Makers are Apparel Engineers; Not Simply Fashionistas

Here's a question for you: how do you make something completely flat fit around a complex 3-dimensional object with multiple concave curves, convex curves, and all with various degrees of radiuses?

The answer: by being a professional clothing pattern maker! This is what Clothier Design Source does and all pattern makers continuously do on a day-to-day. We shape the cloth and cut it into varying shapes and sizes, then stitch the shapes together to fit the human body like a glove. We then duplicate the design to fit various body types and sizes! This is no easy feat! Notice how the rate of growth at different points on the body varies, for example, the rate that a neck can grow, or a waistline! There is math, geometry, trigonometry and a dollop of artistic design that goes into every single pattern we output.

Unfortunately, pattern making and sewing skills are slowly becoming a dying art in the USA. Historically, women would make clothes free of charge to meet a demand and the art of designing patterns slowly faded through time. We've got news for you! Those women set the tone as engineers and at Clothier Design Source, we spend countless hours to make custom pieces that are tailored to perfection from 2-dimensional design to 3-dimensinonal wear. 

Clothier Design Source is one of a few companies left in the USA that offers pattern making and clothing manufacturing featuring a full staff of local St. Paul Designers. Mindy Martell, Owner of Clothier Design Source, is approaching fashion design the way she sees it has always been: as technically skilled women performing mathematical and artistic feats, over and over again.

The next time you pull on a pair of pants, take an extra second to notice the seams, panels and stitch work that went into designing that garment. Those jeans were made by trained human hands to finesse fabric through a stitching machine; even super mass goods are made this way! 

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