Why Make In The USA

Generally speaking, if you’re starting a clothing brand, or any business for that matter; you want to feel good about what you’re going to put out there to a consumer and the partnerships you select to help grow your business.

A big area of discussion is order minimums. The industry standard is usually a 600-piece minimum. Whoa. That can be a lot of waste if you don’t love the fit, cloth, trim, or have any sort of market testing to back up why you were pushed into making a purchase for 600 pieces. Also, factor in changes mockups, supply and demand measurement, feedback on hems, buttons and all those details…bottom line is that 600 pieces can be too much to commit to when you’re trying to concept your piece.

At Clothier Design Source, we believe in finding the RIGHT style for your brand and narrowing your focus on a 100 order minimum to really get your brand right…the first time…instead of having money tied up in a 600 piece inventory that may, and likely will not, be your desired finished product or anything close to that!



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