Guide to Fabric Sourcing like a Pro

We have a lot of tips on sourcing the right fabrics and trims because it's what we do on a daily basis. We've worked on thousands of projects and have learned the in's and out's. We can help you get started on the right foot. Remember the vendors are here to sell you their fabric. They don't have time to educate their customers. Follow closely the tips in this post & webinar so vendors are more likely to work with you. This will give you a headstart in the right direction with making good decisions on your fabric.

To learn more, watch this video:
... seriously, it has incredibly helpful graphs and charts and lists you might just want to see.

6 Basic Questions to Ask Fabric Vendors
1. Price. (Per yard/meter/unit)
2. Availability (Ready now or made-to-order)
3. Minimum Order Quantity (per color & fabric type)
4. Timeline. (After order placed, how long til it arrives)
5. Country of Origin (Where was the fabric made)
6. Sustainable features (recyclable, biodegradable, organic)

5 Characteristics of Fabric that you should know
1. Is it a knit or woven (stretch or no-stretch)
2. What's most appropriate for your garment (woven= dressier, knit = more casual)
3. Type of knit or weave (how fibers are mechanically intertwined)
4. Weight of Fabric (grams per metered square)
5. Gauge of fibers (smaller- softer, larger- stiffer)

3 Ways that we can help you source the right Fabric
Tier 1: Look for fabrics from wholesale vendors that are sitting on the shelf. We can order small quantities for sampling or a small production. Goal to keep minimum order quantities down for clients. Need to be flexible with timelines, but can sometimes be very short, 1-2 weeks.
Tier 2: Fabric Made-to-Order. Larger minimum orders. Can get more picky/selective about fabrics. Fabric availability is now guaranteed. Timeline is a bit longer, several weeks.
Tier 3: Fabric developed for your brand. The sky is the limit. Moisturizers infused or in particular for gripping a yoga mat. Minimum quantity goes up substantially. Timeline is much longer, 6 months to a year.

How we can help:
1. Set up a FREE consultation and we'll get you a customized plan and pricing.
2. Have us source your fabric for you.
3. Join our 4-Step Academy.

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