Finding the Right Fabric

Sourcing tends to be the most surprising step in the CDS 4-Step Academy. Fabric makes a huge difference in the quality and function of your garment which is why it is such and important part of the process.

Often, leading brands like Nike and Adidas have their fabrics developed specifically for their products. That can be very expensive and is usually not an option for product developers just starting out. So we help you find the fabrics through our directory of wholesale vendors that will be the closest fit for your design and goals.

(images via Anywhere Apparel)

Tips on how to source the right fabric for your line:
-After working with thousands of developers we have learned how important it is to choose the right fabric, let us guide you in this process. We want what's best for you too!
-Remember there are several companies involved in sourcing. Give this step time.
-Bring a comparable in. It really helps us find the fabric that will match your vision most closely.

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