Size Does Matter - Grading Explained

Grade patterns correctly and get repeat sales. 

Watch the one minute video above to learn more or read on.... 

Ever wonder how a patternmaker can make or break your product? You can have a perfect product, but if sized poorly it will flop. We spoke with Factory 45 in the video above about what apparel grading is and why it matters. Here's the recap: 

  1. Grading is the act of creating different size patterns for a garment. 
  2. First we perfect the base size (let's say size medium) then we create all other sizes such as Small, Large & XLarge.
  3. It is done based off data of how the body grows differently in different locations on the body.                                            - For example a neck circumference grows at a different rate then the circumference of the chest. 

It takes years and years to become a master apparel pattern maker and even more years to become good at grading patterns into different sizes. It involves the study of how the body grows in different categories such as men's, women's, children's and even pets!  It gets even more advanced and complicated as you reach extended sizes and study how body shapes have changed over the decades. It is an skill that is constantly changing and evolving to keep up with the ever-changing world. 

As you may have noticed, not 2 brand's sizing is alike. We also work with you to understand your brand's vision for sizing and we make sure your product fits your brand's demographic. 

Learn more about our grading here and best of luck with your apparel line!  Contact us for a free consultation. 

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