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This year our founder, Mindy Martell decided it was time to start sharing all the things she's learned in the last 10 years of successful business. In order to teach people more about the apparel industry and making that knowledge accessible she's launched a series of free webinars which you can find here. But she didn't stop there. She has recently opened enrollment for the CDS Academy for people who want a little more than a 30 minute webinar. 

The Academy is a personalized learning experience for all people with an apparel line and there are three paths you can choose depending on your needs and budget.  

  1. The Mini-Academy Consult. With this option you can come visit our facility, get a tour, and lesson. You can come alone, but you can also bring multiple people from your brand! The day will be personalized to what you need to learn, but in a nutshell it's a great introduction to the apparel industry and how to prepare to become a part of it. Get more of the details here
  2. The Clothier Four-Step Academy. This is a group class with 6 lessons that can be taken in person or online if you are not local. Each lesson is 60-90 minutes long and will take you through the entire process of developing and manufacturing apparel through the Clothier 4 step process. Materials include: apparel industry vendor sourcing list, manufacturing guide booklet, materials to take away from each class, and tech pack templates. Get more of the details here
  3. The Clothier Personalized Four-Step Academy. This option is entirely customized to you and includes six 2 hour lessons accompanied by one-on-one consultations. You will work directly with our founder Mindy Martell in private classes, each will be customized to where you are and what will serve your business the best. Get more of the details here

So whether you're looking for a quick free webinar or private consultation with the industry's top leader, we have what you need to help you succeed. This industry can be challenging to enter without the proper toolkit, we're here to help.

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