Help Us Congratulate Poseidon's Daughter on Their Launch

We're excited about this one. Our client Poseidon's Daughter has launched their brand of high quality swimwear. We've spent quite a few hours with founder Joan Staveley, and have to say that the end product was worth every minute! 

"Poseidon’s Daughter Active Swimwear is a hybrid of swimwear and activewear specifically designed to fit real women in their real lives. 

The style takes advantage of the popularity of comfortable compression shorts underneath an attached flared skirt, and flattering looser-fitting tank tops with built-in bras. They are meant to be worn out-and-about without the need of a cover-up. ....Out for an active day with friends? On a family vacation with active children who love the water? Want to get in on the fun? This may be the perfect swimsuit for you!"

Joan's venture did not start in a traditional way, in fact she started this company after being sea sick for two years, and that's not an exaggeration. After a boating trip with her family she developed a rare balance illness called Disembarkement Syndrome, but not even that experience could get in the way between her and her love for the water. Upon recovery she decided to start this line with the intention of creating swimwear for real women's bodies. So take a look for yourself here

This has been a fun project for us through and through. We're glad that Joan feels the same: 

“Poseidon’s Daughter is a small start-up swimwear manufacturer. When I began looking for a prototyping company, I quickly learned from professionals in the industry that I had one of the best in my own back yard. Clothier Design Source has exceeded my expectations in developing high quality prototypes for my business. I love working with mid-westerners because they listen, communicate, seek creative solutions, hold themselves to high standards for quality and meet deadlines. For example, when I brought my original drawings for swimwear, they took those and riffed on each design in such a manner that took what I did and brought them to the next level. And, the designs were so good that I can use some of the styles for future seasons. Throughout the prototyping process I have been able to ask questions and get them answered in a timely manner. CDS has gone the extra mile to understand my brand and how their work fits my brand. I am so pleased with their work that I will be using CDS for manufacturing also. So grateful that manufacturing is returning to the USA!!!”

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