3 Reasons to be Made in the USA

 On April 24th 2013 1,134 people were killed and over 2,500 were injured when the Rana Plaza clothing factory collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We believe that's too many people to lose in one day. This week is Fashion Revolution Week to commemorate this disaster and to take a meaningful look into #whomademyclothes.  Below are the top 3 reasons to make at Clothier Design Source, in the USA, and know where your brand is made!  

1. Ethical Labor.

USA has labor laws that don’t allow for starvation wages, poor working conditions, slave labor, or child labor. While these practices may seem basic, elemental human rights are not always present when working overseas.

A quote from our Design Director, Danielle Heissessier, says it all for us “I work in the same building as the production team, under the same conditions. I know all of them and know exactly who is making our garments. We pay very livable wages.”


2. Environmental Practices.

Chemical dumping can cause huge environmental issues. This typically occurs during the fabric dye or print process. The USA has environmental laws that protect from dumping of chemicals which are much more environmentally friendly than big overseas factories.

Another plus is that your carbon footprint is WAY smaller if your market is in the US. The mere transportation of goods can make a big difference even with smaller quantity clothing lines.


3. Strategic Partnership.

When you’re working with us, you get much more than the face value of our services. You get a partner who’s willing to think and problem solve alongside you. We’re not order takers, we’re strategic in every aspect of the process which can end up saving your company a lot of money and time.

Finally, a common trigger for people to move their production back home is communication. Rather than needing to travel across the world to talk with us, we are right in the Midwest. Every client has an assigned project manager that stays with them throughout our 4 step process. Each project manager works with their client based on their individual needs, and we truly get to know your business.  






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