7 Essentials about Apparel Production: A Video Interview

Watch the video interview below as Factory45 asks Mindy Martell, President of Clothier Design Source, on how to better prepare yourself for production. 

7 essentials you can expect to learn in this video interview:

  1. Some of the early mistakes that new designers make.
  2. A list of the 7 most important things you need in place before you can start production. Get a free checklist here. 
  3. An explanation of what grading is and why you need it.
  4. What a new designer should know about ordering labels.
  5. What is yield and colorways? Why do they matter?
  6. How to control your quality with tech packs and sampling. 
  7. And Mindy’s most important piece advice for new designers.

- To receive the manufacturing checklists mentioned in the video get Factory45's here and Clothier Design Source's here. 

Watch the full 20 minute video below. Don't have time for a 20 minute interview? Click the 2nd video below for a 1 1/2 minute snippet. 

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