Congratulation to Client GlideWear on Product Success!

Congratulations to our client, GlideWear, on the success of their product; GlideWear Shear Protection Undershorts. We're proud to have helped develop a production-friendly way to manufacture this product. We are also thrilled to be manufacturing reorder after reorder! 

This undershort is for persons with mobility issues that need friction management. This  product helps reduce the friction on the sit bones to reduce sores and other issues. Unlike traditional underwear, GlideWear fabric gently slides against itself when shearing occurs between the seating surface and the skin; absorbing shear forces between the fabric layers, not against the skin. 

The GlideWear Undershorts can be ordered through Handi Medical Supply and Reliable Medical Supply locally as well as through Amazon and their website. 

Mindy MartellComment