CDS 4-Step Academy. Step 2: Prototype

Too many times we hear horror stories of mass production gone awry. An end-product that isn't quite what the visionary was hoping for. Maybe it's a small strap in the wrong place, or a fabric style that was just a bit too stretchy. Whether big or small, it's off. At the very least, it's disappointing and at most heartbreaking and a huge monetary & timeline setback! Dreams delayed.

All of this can be avoided with a successfully implemented Step 2.

CDS has built a tried and true 4-step process that can guide you through your journey from idea to product dissemination. We've worked with thousands of brands and found these steps to be paramount in getting to where you want to be. Most of your questions can be answered right here.

The second step? Prototype. We have valuable information on:
1. Pattern
2. Size Set
3. Sewn Prototype
4. 3D Prototyping
5. Grading

It's time to dive in! Go through the full second step here. Tell us about your #CDSStep2! And don't hesitate to contact us with any questions that come up along the way. We want to be there for you to coach, inspire, and educate you as you go on this exciting journey!

For more information on this step, watch the video below:


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