7 Reasons Why You Need Tech Design

Many people wonder why their products ship out with defects. How does this happen? Why does this happen? What can you do to prevent it? 

Simply put, something was overlooked or not specified. For example, you could send a drawing of a base layer shirt to a factory and tell them to make it. You gave them sizing and fabric information but neglected to give them construction information. Now the shirt looks great but all the stitches are breaking and unraveling. This could be prevented with specifying to the factory what type of stitch and stitch count they needed to use for each area of the garment.  

We assume too much. We assume the factory knows what we have in our head as the end result. We assume the factory understands our level of quality standards. We assume the factory understands sizing color, etc... We assume the fabric color won't bleed and the buttons won't fall off. If you think of constructing a garment much like building a structure this will help. For instance, a building needs load bearing walls, a foundation and many more things that must meet code to ensure the building holds up. The codes are specified and inspected by a professional each step of the way. A good fitting pattern, appropriate trims, and correct construction methods are required to ensure the integrity of the garment much like building a structure. 

So how can a Tech Pack help? 

  1. specifies the shapes and contours of each size so it fits correctly.
  2. lists all details required to assemble the pattern or cut pieces.
  3. lists types of machinery required to join each component
  4. gives quality control measurements and tolerances
  5. provides a technical drawing that is visual for construction of the garment
  6. lists and diagrams fabrics and fabric placement
  7. lists and diagrams trims placement

First get a prototype, then check it, then sample and check some more. Not one thing should go into production without being approved first. This includes labels, label placement, buttons, button placement, colors, packaging and so much more. When ordering mass quantities of anything there is bound to be some fallout. These steps can reduce the fallout to 1% or less of your total inventory. This is a massive amount of savings in the short-term and long-term for your brand integrity. Clothier Design Source is very passionate about this issue and is here to help in all the ways described above.  Please contact us if you need help in any of these areas.

Mindy MartellComment