Why Fabric Yield Matters

Fabric yield is the loss of fabric while creating apparel, it matters because fabric is often one the largest costs you encounter while manufacturing apparel. Ranging from 25-40% of the total price tag, fabric yield can help or hurt your costs big time. While the shape of the pattern and fabric width are critical factors, poor placement can cause an unnecessary loss.

There’s no need to fret, at Clothier Design Source we make sure that your pattern is as efficiently placed as possible during Step 3. Sometimes your pattern pieces may fit perfectly, often there’s no avoiding some loss of fabric, but no matter what we make sure that you get optimal placement.

Use the next two images as example. They’re both markers for 3 halter tank tops on the same fabric, but one’s efficiency is at 53.99% and the other 76.78%. If you’ve bought bulk fabric before, you know that 22.79% increase in efficiency is a huge deal.

In some cases, you cannot control the loss of some fabric. But you can make the right choice in a manufacturing partner to keep your fabric costs down. With all that money you save, you could even buy more fabric!