4 Tips to Reduce Mistakes in the Clothing industry

Follow these 4 tips to reduce mistakes & increase profit for your clothing line. 


1. When you order raw goods or finished goods - schedule in a follow up. Do not assume if you place an order that it is being processed. Many times we have ordered raw goods only to find out they have not been shipped days later.  Follow up to see that order is being processed. 

2. Sending a good sample or a picture is not enough for a manufacturer to produce the same product. If you have been in business longer than 1 year you may have already learned this lesson. Sending an approved prototype with a tech pack is the absolute best way to get a perfect product manufactured.

3.  Approve, Approve Approve. I cannot say this enough! If you are moving a lablel, changing a thread color, or lowering a neckline - have the manufacturer sample and then you approve.  What may seem like and obvious and simple change to you can become a disaster when missed in bulk production. 

4. Lastly, have professional grade rules done. These are the calculations for several points of measure for each size. Basically, make sure all the sizes fit correctly before going to bulk production.