Don't Freak Out

You’re going to freak out and that is normal.

When you are new to the clothing industry and are commissioning a factory or development house to make your first prototype, be prepared to freak out.

You have thought about your product or line in your head for a long, long time. In your mind the designs have already gone through reiterations. They are as final and as tangible as the shirt on your back – in your mind. You know them inside and out. Then you have your first prototype made and it is not perfect. It is not everything you dreamed of. You are devastated.

But hang in there! The prototype may be in available fabric that might not be perfect. It may not fit perfect and that is easily fixed. It may have some construction issues that the sewers have to work some kinks out with. It may be that your vision just wasn’t fully communicated.

Plan for 2 – 3 reiterations before you get that final perfect product.  Give plenty of feedback and take time analyzing and giving the feedback for each prototype. A good development company will get it done in 2-3 prototypes. Check their references and past work before jumping in.

Good luck and keep the freaking out to a minimum!

Mindy MartellComment