6 tips: Stay on Track with your Clothing Line for the Holidays

The next few months are full of excitement, preparation, vacations, increased sales, increased production and some stress! So all of us here at Clothier Design Source came up with some good tips that help us remain calm and collected during that time. See our 6 tips below.

1. Order all raw goods early - USA stock goes fast this time of year!

If you are manufacturing in November, December or January all raw goods should be ordered now or yesterday. With the increase of manufacturing in the USA, stock goods go quickly and you don't want to be left high and dry!

2. Prepare your list of tasks before taking vacation.

Before leaving the office for days on end, enjoy your holiday more by taking extra time to make a super concise list of your tasks. Have the list ready so you can hit the ground running when you are back. This way you will relax more on vacation and not waste time when you are back re-learning where projects were at.

3. Be proactive about next year. Schedule development and production now.

Right now open up your calendar and schedule Holiday development to start in March or April 2015. Now schedule production to begin in October. Remember the early bird gets the worm and the proactive have the success!

4. Send vendors and clients holiday greetings after the new year.

Free up some time by sending gifts or cards to ring in the new year. This is will help you stand out from the rest and have one less thing on your December list.

5. Find out from your vendors and clients now when they will be out and communicate when you will be out.

This will help you prioritize and get things done on time. Nothing is worse than the last minute vacation that stops projects from moving.

6. Allow an extra 1- 2 weeks for any delivery over the next few months.

Add some buffer time to normal timelines for your vendors and clients.

Mindy MartellComment