We're excited to announce a series of webinars lead by our Founder, Mindy Martell. After 10 years of developing Clothier Design Source and becoming a leader in USA made apparel production, we decided that it was time to share some of the knowledge that we've learned along the way. In the interest of bringing apparel production back to the USA and making the process easier for small companies, we are offering our series for FREE.  We truly want to make manufacturing more simple, and help you turn your idea into a reality. Our schedule and details of each session are listed below. Can't make the time? No worries, we will archive each show on our Youtube channel. Enjoy! 

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Must -Haves for Manufacturing - A must watch

October 10th, 2017 10:30 AM CST  -  SIGN UP HERE

Join our upcoming webinar to learn about our free manufacturing checklist that outlines the 8 essential items needed to manufacture anywhere in the world. We will go in-depth on each item, why it's important, and the best way for you to check it off your list. You can download and review the checklist before our webinar here. If you are unable to attend, please watch our past webinar by clicking the link here.

One attendees comments "What an excellent introduction  and overview of clothing production. I have been in the clothing  industry  for 9 years, and taught at a fashion  college for 3 of those years, and this is definitely  the best explanation I have come across.  All fashion students  should watch this. Kudos"



Watch Short Clips "The Best Of" our webinars and panelists in this Playlist. 

All under 3 minutes if you like to digest advice in small bite size chunks.  There are more than 15 videos in this playlist giving advice on fabric sourcing for startups to how to get your line manufactured. 






Fabric Sourcing 101  for your Clothing Line - learn all of the factors to consider while making this critical decision. 

Watch a portion of our past webinar to learn the ins and the outs of fabric sourcing. This is often a daunting task to someone who's new to the industry. We will go over five important questions to ask, and how to reach out and work with vendors. At the end of this session you will have an understanding of what goes into sourcing fabric and what you need to do to get the fabric you want. 




Apparel Design in the 21st Century - How technology can get you ahead

Please watch a portion of our past webinar to learn about how 3D virtual prototyping can save time and money. Join this webinar to learn how technology can make apparel development quicker and easier. Find out how digitizing and 3D prototyping can benefit timelines, marketing, and sales. At the end of this session you will understand the difference between digital and hard copy pattern making and how to take advantage of the technological tools such as 3D virtual prototyping.




4 Step Apparel Process- Why we have the process and how it works. 

Please watch our past webinar to learn about The Clothier 4 Steps that our entire company is based on. Mindy developed these steps to simplify the complicated apparel process, so that clients could take an idea in their head and turn it into a reality. We'll break down each step: 1. Design, 2. Prototyping, 3. Tech Design, and 4. Manufacturing. 




The Building Blocks of an Apparel Tech Pack - make sure you have a solid foundation for production. 

Please watch our past webinar to learn about tech packs, what they are, and the essentials that each one should have. We'll teach you how to understand and use our tech pack templates and talk labels, packaging, tech sketches, points of measure, and more! You can download and review our stitch guide and tech pack template