Patterns are diagrams that represent the 2D shapes that are eventually sewn together to create your garment. This process is essential for perfecting the fit, style and construction of your product before moving into manufacturing.  

Need a pattern made? 

At CDS we have ability to create patterns from scratch. We specialize in men's women's children's and even some pet! Contact us now for a consult and quote.

Mindy Martell's Mantra! Best advice for new designers. 

Already have a pattern?

We offer a pattern digitizing service that offers a cost-effective and time efficient way to convert your old hard patterns into digital files, allowing you to easily gain access to your old patterns.

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The CAD system we use is Optitex which is a software used worldwide and is compatible with most all other software brands.  The files created by Optitex are exportable in .pds, .dxf, .aama+.rul, .cdl, .ai, .pdf.



WHY we offer this service?  

It takes incredible skill to make a 2D object (fabric) into a 3d object that fits and functions well. There is nothing to cut and sew without this service.